Lindsay Burgess


Digital Editor

When Lindsay moved home after five years in the UK, she found her favourite food and drink mag setting up shop here in Toronto. As Foodism Toronto's digital editor, she's reconnecting with old haunts and finding new favourites all around the city. She takes her coffee black, her music loud, her wines local and her chocolate salted. In her spare time, you'll find her trying to make space for more kitchen gadgets and testing pairings for the perfect boilermaker.

Lindsay Burgess's articles

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iYellow Wine Club founder and sommelier-in-training Angela Aiello gives us the scoop on perfect pairings for turkey day...

Lessons in taste from Jennifer Huether, Canada's first female Master Sommelier

We sat down with Jennifer Huether to talk sustainability, California reds and women in the wine industry...

Restaurant review: Planta

This ain't your typical Kensington Market vegan cafe...

Restaurant review: Leña

The newest spot in the Oliver and Bonacini empire may be tucked into the corner of Saks Fifth Avenue, but that doesn't mean it's only for ladies who lunch...

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We visited the third annual Toronto Food Truck Festival to get a glimpse into the life of Toronto's favourite vendors

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A party spot in City Place where everything's made from scratch? Yep, you read that right. Toronto's new Tex Mex hotspot will have you on your feet...

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This is one bandit you'll be happy to spot in your neighbourhood...

Chef and Somm: reshaping your outlook on food and wine, one pairing at a time

Eyal Liebman and Rebecca Meir-Liebman are Chef and Somm. You've seen their chocolate dinners. Now how about their private chef service?

In the backyard with Ted Reader

Crickets, moonshine and fire galore... When the Godfather of the Grill invites you over for lunch, anything goes.

Restaurant review: BATCH

Get out of town—well, sort of. BATCH by Creemore Springs brings small town charm to the heart of the city.

Flavour of the Week: Cresta – NOW CLOSED

Not your average wine and pizza night. Cresta is all about the three Cs: cocktails, comfort food and California wines...

Meet Bompas and Parr, London's jellymongers turned culinary innovators

Ahead of their appearance at the 2016 Terroir Symposium, we sit down with Bompas and Parr to talk breathable cocktails, live octapus tentacles and the emotional side of food