Have the past 16 months (but who's counting) got you feeling kind of down? We feel that. Ever since, ahem, COVID first crashed the party a while back, we've all been running around trying to clean up the mess it keeps leaving behind. Fatigue, exhaustion, burnout — stress has many names and ways to trickle into your day.

Thankfully our friends at Clover Botanicals want to revitalize the unrested and the run-down. They're giving away a supply of their full line of adaptogenic super teas which you can enjoy on-the-go in the great outdoors with a $150 Patagonia gift card along with a Grosche water infuser pitcher and infuser water bottle

Not sure what 'adaptogenic' means or what all the hype around adaptogens is about? Well they're basically magic. 

Adaptogens are little gifts from the earth: plants, herbs, roots and mushrooms that help the body adapt to stress, support normal metabolic function and restore homeostasis a.k.a. your overall wellbeing. Sounds pretty divine, right?

Adaptogens increase the body's resistance to physical, biological and environmental stressors by providing an arsenal that helps your body cope with symptoms of stress such as anxiety, mental fatigue and sleeplessness before they even hit. Yeah, take that stress!

Adaptogens work by interacting with the brain and adrenal glands to help shift the physiological effects of stress, helping the body to positively "adapt" — get it? Clover's mission is to help people naturally restore balance in a stressed-out world and their teas are packed with these stress-fighting super adaptogens. 

Craving some R&R? Clover's Rest tea with organic ashwagandha and valerian helps you just chill. Ashwagandha is known to lower blood sugar and cortisol levels, while the blend of calming valerian, chamomile, lavender and rosehip help balance stress hormones and promote a healthy sleep cycle. 

On the flip side, Clover's Energy tea with yerba mate and rhodiola give you a natural boost and increase mental focus without the caffeine jitters and imminent crash. Whatever you're lacking, Clover's six inaugural adaptogenic blends: Immunity, Restore, Digest, Cleanse, Rest and Energy can help fill your cup in more ways than one. 

Each blend (developed by certified tea sommelier and founder, Paul Higgins, alongside the world-renowned tea expert John Snell) is packed with unique whole plant ingredients that are clean, organic and ethically sourced. Clover Botanicals doesn't just help people restore balance, the eco-conscious company is committed to sustainable practices that support a healthy planet. 

Clover tea canisters are made from 100 per cent recycled North American steel. Clover's pyramid-shaped tea bags are made from a compostable biomesh that doesn't have any unnecessary, wasteful tags, staples or strings. Also, one per cent of Clover's total sales goes to 1 % for the Planet, specifically their partners at Plastic Pollution Coalition working towards a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals, waterways and the environment. Less stressed out people and planet? We'll drink to that.

Simply answer the question below for your chance to win all six Clover blends along with Patagonia and Grosche goodies. 

To learn more about their adaptogenic super tea, head to enjoyclover.com

The question is: What are the plant ingredients that help the body to positively "adapt" called?

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