The only thing we love more than a good bottle of wine is an easily accessibly good bottle of wine. Now available at the LCBO year-round, Tom Gore Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon is the next label to add to your list of go-to reds. Chock-full of fruit flavours like black cherry and blackberry, this ruby red vino pairs perfectly with just about any cuisine.

Grown in sunny Sonoma County California, Tom Gore Vineyards offers a different take on farm-to-table (or farm-to-bottle). As a second-generation farmer, Tom Gore has deep roots in the business of grape growing. He uses winemaking as a way to share what he grows in his backyard on an international scale.

Unlike many other wines, the flavours in Tom Gore Vineyards wines come from the way the grapes are grown rather than the processing afterwards. Gore says that grape farming is all about “planting the right stuff in the right place.”

Another key part of Gore’s farming philosophy is what he calls “a balance between proactive and reactive.” If it rains, they might have to pluck the leaves to create more breathing room for the grapes, whereas if the temperature is climbing, they have to keep the leaves to protect the fruit.

With all the thought and care that goes into growing the grapes for Tom Gore Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon it’s no wonder that this wine’s distinct flavours have quickly won us over.