From rainbow bagels to charcoal ice cream and sushi burritos to ceviche-everything, Toronto has seen its fair share of food trends over the last couple of years. While we love to see new twists and blends, there’s something to be said for simple food and drink done expertly.

In true Japanese style, Asahi Super Dry appreciates both innovation and minimalism. That’s why their super premium lager not only created a new standard in brewing when it debuted as the first ‘Karakuchi’ (dry) beer – it's also spent the last 30 years perfecting it.

When Asahi was created in 1987, it brought an entirely new genre of beer to Japan, and subsequently, the world. The lager is brewed to an authentic Japanese recipe, using only the finest ingredients – the yeast is carefully selected to give the beer its distinctive aroma and dry, crisp taste, while its hops are chosen for its bitterness, and rice for creating a palate-cleansing taste that means you just can’t stop sipping.

While Asahi is meticulous about their methods (the ‘na-ma’ process ensures the beer is pasteurized), there’s no danger of them resting on their laurels. Asahi is dedicated to fine-tuning their lager over time, mastering the sophisticated taste by continuously advancing their brewing technology.

Toronto is no stranger to high-end Japanese food – Michelin-starred chef Akira Back opened his first Canadian restaurant this year – but the greatest thing about Asahi is that it pairs with everything, thanks to its quick, clean finish which doesn’t overpower food. That Karakuchi taste is no accident – the taste curve peaks in flavour earlier than other lagers, allowing you to appreciate your food and take another sip. And it’s exactly this sweet spot that makes Asahi Super Dry a firm favourite all year round.

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