For some of the best craft bottles in Ontario, you should skip the LCBO and Beer Store and instead head straight to brewery bottle shops. But that'll likely involve schlepping via TTC or driving throughout the province to get your hands on our most revered brews. 

Understandably it's a significant hurdle for most carless (and some Metropassless) city dwellers but one Toronto-based startup is making it easy for craft beer fans to get excellent brews delivered to their doorstep. Once a month, the Brew Box Company ships out a carton of six to eight beers from at least three different Ontario craft breweries to its subscribers. You'll also get a list of tasting notes with more info on each beer to better appreciate how it was made. Most of the beers in the box can't be found in the Beer Store or on LCBO shelves.

The Brew Box is a great way to discover a new brewery or try a one-off seasonal from an old favourite. They've also got a few more exclusive memberships for die-hard beer connoisseurs, like the Brewthusiast Club that ships out super-exclusive, high-end beers (memberships are capped at 50 per year) as well as brewery-specific clubs and a new Sawdust City online bottle shop where you can assemble your own box of the Gravenhurst, Ontario brewer's signature cans and specialty brews. 

Starts at $58 per month,