Something we look forward to when the temperatures dip (it's a short list), is an excuse to prepare mugs of cocoa. There’s no more iconic way to warm up after a run down the toboggan hills or a vigorous snow shovelling session.

Most of us probably grew up with powdered hot chocolate from a tin or paper pouch (dehydrated mini marshmallows, anyone?), but we’ve since found a refined way to up our hot cocoa game.

Made in Montreal, Cacao 70 Drinking Chocolate combines traditional cocoa powder with shavings from real chocolate bars that use beans sourced from the Dominican Republic. Cacao 70’s chocolate makers have tinkered with the ratio of shavings to powder for richness while still retaining water solubility so that the beverage is easy to prepare.

Simply mix two spoonfuls of drinking chocolate with a mug of hot water (or milk for a richer texture) and stir until smooth. Cacao 70 Drinking Chocolate comes in two flavours – the traditional Americocoa or the Mexicocoa which incorporates cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne pepper for a subtle hit of spice and heat. For a grown-up twist, simply spike the mug with your choice of liquor. 

$20 per 400g,