Now that we’ve been pummelled with one snow storm after another and the cityscape is starting to look like an icy post-apocalyptic nuclear-winter-wasteland, full hibernation mode has set in. But while any and everything revolving around staying indoors may seem infinitely more appealing, making the same old drinks can get stale. It's time to shake things up with a zesty Moscow mule.

Made with just three ingredients, the Moscow mule is simple, spicy, sweet and the perfect tipple to cozy up with indoors. The concoction of vodka, lime juice and ginger beer is oft served in a copper mug to maximize the chill, but the kick of ginger beer will still give you that warm fuzzy feeling on the inside – no matter how frigid it is outside. While good ginger beer might seem like a tricky ingredient to get your hands on, craft pop purveyor Jones Soda Co. has got you covered. Their new ginger beer flavour is making it even easier to mix up your own Moscow mules at home.

Currently available online, and soon to hit shelves, this ginger beer joins the lineup of Jones Sodas which already includes unique flavours like green apple, blue bubblegum and pineapple cream. Founded in Vancouver over 20 years ago, Jones Soda Co. uses pure cane sugar to make their fizzy drinks and the majority of their products don’t use any artificial flavours or colours – including their new ginger beer made with natural ginger extract. As a neat little bonus, each Jones Soda bottle comes with a fortune-cookie-esque piece of advice or nugget of wisdom inside the bottle cap.

Use Jones Soda ginger beer to make the perfect Moscow mule or drink this sip-worthy soda on its own – either way, you’ll enjoy the perfect blend of heat and sweet.

$2 (approx),