It's not that we don't love drinking gin year-round. It's just that spring seems like an especially good time to find a new favourite bottle of botanicals.

The latest member to be inducted into our liquor cabinet comes from a sunnier part of Europe than where we're used to finding the spirit. Nordés is the first Atlantic Galician gin, hailing from Galicia in northern Spain, an area known for its Celtic connection, beaches, seafood – and now, this premium liquor.

Tuning into the energy of its rugged beauty and wild coastlines, Nordés is made with an alcoholic base that uses a portion of the Galician albariño grape, before adding a blend of 11 high-quality natural botanicals including wild Galician sage, laurel, eucalyptus, peppermint and glasswort seaweed.

On the nose, it packs a peppery punch with notes of licorice and pine. Take a sip, though, and the gin opens up with a breadth of sweetness and fruity flavours like raspberry and peach, making it easy to transition to summertime drinking.

Add some berries or a slice of orange and some tonic, or shake things up in a martini and let those unmistakable Galician flavours do the talking.