When it comes to great American spirits, we may instinctually think of Tennessee whiskey and Kentucky bourbon. But one distiller wants to put Florida on the map with Noxx & Dunn – a blended dark rum that uses molasses made from sugar cane grown in the Sunshine State.

Just spitting distance away from the Caribbean, rum’s most iconic home, Florida’s subtropical climate is a natural location for growing sugar cane. It's processed into sweet molasses then used to make rum via two distillation methods – pot and column – and aged in American oak barrels to help develop its character and a nice amber colour.

After different barrels are aged for two, four and five years (hence its official name – NOXX&DUNN 2-4‐5 Florida Rum), they're blended together creating a rum that’s rich, woody and spicy. No additional flavourings or colourings are added so you can enjoy the purer character of rum on its own but it’s equally tasty in your favourite rum-based cocktails too.

$29.75 for 750mL; LCBO.com