If you’re like us, you'll have tapped the beer kegs or wine bottles a little excessively over the holidays. January is the time to reset, allowing your body a bit of a break from overindulgence, including alcohol.

Passing on booze used to mean sipping juices or sodas while gazing longingly across the dinner table at your friends’ alcoholic beverages. Or worse – fluorescent-hued mocktails packed with more sugar than a candy bar.

Instead, up your alcohol-free cocktailing this January with a unique new spirit that’s distilled just like the real deal. Seedlip is made in copper stills, much like gin or vodka, infused with herbs and fruit for a complex, flavourful cocktail base.

Seedlip comes in two varieties: Spice is a warm spirit made with cardamom, allspice berries and citrus peel while Garden is bright and fresh from its base of peas, hay and green herbs. The flavours are subtle but delicate, encouraging us to taste and savour our cocktails with more intent.

You can use Seedlip like you might a vodka or gin. Mix two ounces of Garden with tonic water and top with a handful of fresh peas to garnish or create a non-alcoholic toddy with Seedlip Spice, honey, lemon juice and hot water.

Even when Drynuary is over, Seedlip is a worthwhile addition to your bar cart. Keep it on-hand for designated drivers, abstainers or occasions when you need a mini booze break in the future.

$45, seedlipdrinks-ca.com