When the city is decked out in green for St. Patrick’s Day, beer is usually the beverage of choice. But if you’re taking a break from brews, there are still plenty of on-theme alternatives for toasting this day of the Irish.

One that’s recently hit LCBO shelves is Sexton Irish Whiskey. This single malt whisky is made in Northern Ireland’s County Antrim and was inspired by the gravediggers (called sextons) working in the region’s catacombs.

Sexton Irish Whiskey is made of Irish malted barley and is triple distilled in copper pot stills before aging for four years in olorosso sherry casks. This gives the whisky a deeper orange-gold tint once its poured out into a glass.

You’ll notice a bit of maple syrup and dried fruit sweetness on the nose with vanilla extract and honey on the palate. Sip it straight, spike your cold brew coffee or use it to build your next old fashioned.

$49.95, lcbo.com.