If you’re a caffeine addict, cold brew coffee is a godsend in the dead of summer when the act of sipping a steaming cup of coffee is only slightly less unpleasant than the air conditioner-less streetcar you're inevitably stepping into on your way to work.

Thankfully there are plenty of cold coffee purveyors in the city and one of the latest grab-and-go options comes from Station Cold Brew. Inspired by pouring a can of stout, they’ve infused nitrogen into cans of their classic cold brew coffee. So after a vigorous shake and pour, the liquid cascades nicely and leaves a crema-like froth on top without the use of a widget.

The result is a rich and creamy cold brew without any dairy added. If you haven’t had Station’s cold brew before, expect an earthy, nutty coffee with a slight smokiness from the addition of chicory root in its recipe. An 18-hour cold steeping process results in a coffee that’s smoother, less acidic and bitter. Beans are responsibly-sourced from growers in Ethiopia and Brazil and roasted in-town by Hale Coffee.

About $4.49 for 355mL; multiple locations including Whole Foods, Pusateri’s and Sobeys.