After ten years on the Toronto cocktail scene, you probably know about BarChef by now. The Queen West bar has been cranking out top-level tipples since 2008, when the city's bar scene was largely confined to neon-coloured martinis and little else. 

Frankie Solarik, bartender and owner at BarChef, has been working on a new project – bottling their zero limitation creations, which look more like a science experiment or work of art than a cocktail, complete with smoking terrariums. The result is BarChef Project The Toasted Old Fashioned; a collaboration with Stillwaters Distillery that brings the bar experience home.

While you won't get bells and whistles with this pourable cocktail, none of the meticulous attention to detail has been lost in the process. Stalk & Barrel Red Blend Canadian Whisky provides the base, with maple syrup added for sweetness and hand-toasted chamomile and pops of cardamom to bring you that unmistakable BarChef flavour. Each bottle provides about six servings, so you can pour over ice, share the love and put your feet up this Christmas.