With warmer weather and extended hours of daylight comes increased temptation for drinking while the sun’s still out. Whether you’re on a buzzy patio, a hipster-filled park or your own backyard, light and refreshing beverages are the tipples of choice. And there’s a new beer-based beverage on LCBO shelves that’s pretty much made for these aforementioned occasions.

Leinenkugel (pronounced “line-en-koo-guls”) is a centuries-old brewery from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin creating German style brews. Their Lemon Shandy is the first offering to enter the Canadian market and it seems as though it was developed just for daytime drinking, or so we think. Natural lemon flavour is added to a traditional weissbeer, adding a nice, tart kick to the bready base.

This shandy pours hazy and will appeal to radler fans. But be warned – unlike the 2-3% ABV of radlers, Leinenkugel's Lemon Shandy sits at 4.2% so that mid-afternoon buzz will come on sooner than you think.

$2.75, LCBO.