If you're not of the booze-in-a-can school of drinking, we're not sure where you've been for the last few summers. With plenty of alcohol providers creating ready-to-drink mixers that you can throw in a backpack and crack open, kicking back and enjoying the sunshine (when it makes an appearance) has never been so easy. 

The only drawback of this uber convenient option is that many are packed with enough sugar to make our teeth ache. Now, Squeez'd Beverages has launched SPLASH Spiked Water – a low-calorie alternative made with sparkling water, vodka and natural fruit flavours. The refreshing ready-to-drink beverage is made with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners and is gluten free. SPLASH has only 110 calories per 335 mL – but at 5% alcohol, you might want to leave your bike at home if you're heading to the park. 

SPLASH Spiked Water comes in Tropical Grapefruit and Mixed Berry (our favourite), giving just a hint of their fruity flavours and nothing more. If you tend to go heavy on the mixer when you pour your own drinks at home, the subtleness of the citrus and sweet berry tastes might leave you wanting more. However, those looking to cut back on calories and enjoy a crisp sip with no aftertaste may have found a new favourite tipple this summer. 

$9.95 for 4, LCBO