Some might have advised him to stick to what he knows. However, Harlen Wheatley, Master Distiller at Buffalo Trace Distillery, America’s oldest continually-operated distillery – one that's been making bourbon for over 200 years – wasn't too concerned about that.

Buffalo Trace Distillery, based in Frankfort, Kentucky, has put everything they know about distilling bourbon into Wheatley Vodka. The craft spirit is made in small batches and filtered through limestone to remove the stuff you don't want (iron) and add in all the goodies you do want (calcium and magnesium). Then to mellow out the vodka, it's distilled 10 times; an additional three more times than their seven-times distilled grain recipe to really set the craft spirit apart.

There's no hiding Wheatley Vodka at 82 proof, meaning that you're going to taste it in any incarnation. That's intentional; Wheatley knew that bartenders want that vodka flavour to really sing in cocktails. It does just that, with a well-rounded wheat flavour instead of just the taste of alcohol.

With notes of citrus and vanilla, this clean vodka has a long finish – so if you love the taste of good vodka, Wheatley is equally at home in a Moscow mule or a bloody Mary as it is on the rocks or with a splash of tonic water.