Think vodka is tasteless? Think again.

Zirkova Vodka, based out of Oakville, has created a premium spirit that is designed specifically for your drinking preference, handcrafted in two expressions. Zirkova One should be savoured straight, neat, on the rocks or in a martini with a splash of club soda. Meanwhile, Zirkova Together has been crafted for mix drinks and cocktails. 

Although it's based in Ontario, Zirkova is made from rye and wheat at the Zlatogor Distillery in Ukraine. Both kinds are distilled four times from Ukrainian grain spirits, for a refined taste. From there, their vodka master (who holds an actual PhD in vodka blending) selects only the centre-cut spirits or “Tsar’s Cut”. Zirkova removes the lighter spirits which cause the medicinal smell found in most vodkas as well as the heavier spirits, which cause a burn on the palate. The result is a smooth sipping vodka that can be enjoyed any way you desire. 

But Zirkova's not just a smooth tasting vodka. The premium spirit has built positive change, social equality and human rights into its identity, working on a number of campaigns for greater good. Zirkova has partnered with Oceanic Global to create a comprehensive toolkit to offer better sustainability practices for venues. It's also the official partner of the #MeToo movement AND helped secure the asylum of five gay Syrian refugees who were contestants in Mr. Gay Syria.

So whether you're sipping it solo or mixing up Zirkova in a Cosmopolitan, if you wake up with a hangover, at least your conscience will be clear.

Both bottles retail for $29.95.