As everyone who works in the city knows, it’s easy to rack up a coffee tab. Between a morning cup sipped on the subway to that afternoon pick-me-up to stave off a case of the sleepys, it's not long until we’re on first name terms with our barista.

If you’re looking for a less expensive, but no less delicious way to make great coffee at home, Melitta is your new best friend. The pour-over method is the preferred practice for coffee experts, with only three steps standing between you and your perfect cup.

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The creation of the pour-over method is proof that necessity really is the mother of invention. In 1908, German homemaker, Melitta Bentz – a savvy businesswoman years ahead of her time – took matters into her own hands to ensure that the grounds stayed out of her coffee. After punching holes in the bottom of a brass pot, she placed a piece of her son’s blotting paper on top. Scooping fresh coffee on the paper, she filled the pot with hot water and poured a clean cup of coffee, creating the cone filtration system still popular today.

Start the process with a Melitta filter – the #1 coffee filter in the world – with micro perforations that keep the oils and bitterness out and the delicious coffee aromas in. Place inside your pour-over cone and add freshly ground coffee. Finally, pour hot water over the grounds, and pack your lunch while you wait for that smooth, clean tasting cup of coffee.

Without a state-of-the-art coffee machine, it’s impossible to guarantee a consistent cup – meaning that while Tuesday’s brew might take you to coffee nirvana, the following day’s batch could fail to hit the spot. Pour-over coffee ensures better flavour and greater extraction every time and lets you control how you take your java.

Need another perk? Using a Melitta coffee filter is better for the environment than your usual coffee-run. In addition to being custom designed to ensure optimal agitation, the filters are also 100 per cent naturally compostable.

Life is full of tough decisions, but making the switch to pour-over is the only daily grind you need to know about.