As temperatures climb in the city, the idea of handling (not to mention sipping) a hot coffee becomes less and less appealing – but we need to get our caffeine fix somehow. Enter: the season of iced coffee. When everyone’s favourite drink makes the transformation from hot to cold, it signals that summer is officially here.

But brewing your coffee and then cooling it is more time consuming than we can handle and buying an iced-mocha-caramel-frappe-latte-cino every day can start to weigh on your wallet. That’s why we love this canned concoction from Toronto-based coffee brewer, Miura.

Brewed hot and then flash-chilled, this Japanese-style iced coffee has surprisingly strong notes of caramel and vanilla. Miura still has that coffee kick, but it’s smooth and flavourful enough to drink as-is without being overly saccharine. And the petite can is the perfect size to slip into your purse or pocket for easy sipping on the go.

Currently, Miura comes in two iterations – Classic and Nitro. Infused with nitrogen, the Nitro version is creamier than its original counterpart, with a more pillowy mouthfeel. Luckily, you have all summer to sip each of them and pick your favourite.