What's the deal: 

We're already familiar with Aloette, the city's fanciest diner, located on Spadina Avenue. What we're still wrapping our heads around is the notion that Alo's baby sister (and arguably the cooler sibling) is now delivering their top-notch fare in a brown paper bag right to our door. Instead of putting our name down on a Friday night and downing a cocktail before we receive a text telling us our table in the tiny restaurant is ready, we can simply order from an app.

What to order:

The menu may be a little skimmed down, but most of your Aloette favourites are still available. We ordered the Aloette burger which travelled incredibly well and tasted every bit as delicious as dining BSD (before social distancing). The burger is prepared to medium as standard, and your pickle, onion and Beaufort cheese are all there, just as you remember. 

Fried chicken with yuzu honey and hot sauce is also on the menu, along with crispy pork belly, rose gnocchi and roasted broccoli. Alobar house rolls, from their Yorkville spot, also make an appearance but be sure to save room for dessert. That lemon meringue pie (if you know, you know), as well as chocolate cheesecake, are the decadent treats you deserve right now. 

Alcohol is available, but note that in such orders, contactless delivery will not be available as they'll need to verify your age. In the past, we've seen Boulevardier cocktail kits but as of right now, you can order local favourite, Woodhouse Lager.

BONUS: Alo, Toronto's top tasting menu – and notoriously the most difficult restaurant to get a table at in the city – announced that they will also be offering takeout. Pickup is available through Tock where the restaurant will be releasing dates (April 29 to May 2 is sold out), so start flexing that ordering finger and snag a multi-course tasting menu featuring dishes like braised veal shank with a jumbo asparagus and burrata salad.

How to get it:

Aloette is available for delivery on DoorDash and Uber Eats, or if you're a downtown dweller you can order through Ritual and pick up in person. The restaurant opens at 11:30 so treat yourself to dinner or a very fancy WFH lunch.

Dinner for two; around $60.

163 Spadina Ave 1st Floor, 416-260-3444, aloetterestaurant.com