Nothing helps us defrost from the cold grip of winter quite like a delicious, warming bottle of wine and a hearty meal. A full-bodied cabernet sauvignon is always our go-to, which is no surprise considering it's one of the most popular red grape varieties and the most planted wine grape around the world. But when we're choosing a bottle, not just any cab sauv will do. 

Angove Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

We want a wine that's easy-drinking, pairs well with food and makes us feel good too — and Angove Organic perfectly fits the bill. Australia’s leading and largest Certified Organic Winery, Angove Family Winemakers is a family-run, multi-generational wine company with a trusted history of over 100 years in the finest viticulture heritage in the world.

Handcrafted with the gentlest touch and minimal intervention, Angove Organic Cabernet Sauvignon is 100 per cent organic and vegan-friendly. Grown in the wonderfully warm, sunny vineyards of South Australia — the perfect environment for cabernet sauvignon — the grapes are able to ripen fully and deliver a delicious, fruit-forward wine with the region's distinctive notes of blackcurrant. Made in a soft, approachable, easy-drinking style, this wine is just begging to be enjoyed with food.

Sophie, Victoria and Richard Angove

This luscious wine pours a deep red with purple hues. Swirl, and inhale aromas of dark fruit blended with seductive cherry and chocolate. Take a sip and savour the rich flavours of blackcurrant, along with notes of bell pepper, chocolate, soft oak and cigarbox — that alluring cedar-y, tobacco taste often found in sophisticated cab sauvs.

Break out a bottle to pair with dinner — Angove Organic Cabernet Sauvignon is perfectly at home next to a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes from showstoppers like steak and roasted lamb to basics like hamburgers and a cheese board with cheddar. Vegetarian squash pot stew and grilled vegetables have met their match in this vegan wine. 

A bottle of Angove Organic Cabernet Sauvignon and vegetarian squash pot stew

Don't just take our word for it — Angove Organic Cabernet Sauvignon won a Gold Medal at the 2022 International Organic Wine Awards, and received a score of 90 points from The Tasting Panel Magazine in their November/December 2022 issue.

Angove Family Winemakers were also the 2021 Australian Organic Exporter of the Year. The winery embodies a strong commitment to sustainability at all levels, and is known for producing Certified Organic wines with better balance, fruit concentration and overall vineyard biodiversity and health. They're certified to Australian, U.S., Canadian, E.U. and Chinese Organic Certification Standards by Australian Certified Organics, and are a member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia. Knowing their trusted history and sustainability efforts makes a glass of Angove Organic wine go down even smoother.

Richard Angove in the vineyard

With a rich and delicious flavour that pairs well with a range of dishes, Angove Organic Cabernet Sauvignon is poised to be your new favourite winter wine. It's as pure and clean as a wine can be, and it's better for the environment, too. Cheers to that.

Angove Organic Cabernet Sauvignon is $2 off until March 26. Available in the Organic section at the LCBO. To learn more about Angove Family Winemakers, visit

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