French Made: What's the deal

Skip the plane ticket to Paris and have a hot cup of fresh drip coffee or a whole cake (no judgement) delivered to your door. French Made is a charming little Parisian-inspired cafe with a friendly neighbourhood feel located on the ground floor of the giant, gaudy Bisha Hotel.

Typically in the summertime, people line up down the block to get to the Bisha's rooftop restaurant KOST, with its poolside views of the city skyline, but this summer we're bringing things a little more down-to-earth with a humble cup of joe and a hot pastrami sandwich from French Made. We're easy to please. 

French Made: What to order

French Made may be in the heart of downtown Toronto, but once you have a bite of their house-made pastries, hot espresso and fresh sandwiches, you'll swear you just got teleported to Paris. So do it like the Parisians and get caffeinated with a selection of fresh brews like their signature drip coffee, Americano and iced lattes, complete with fun, striped straws reminiscent of a Paris café awning. They're all reasonably priced, too – take note, big name coffee brands. 

For us, choosing our favourite sandwich is akin to being asked to choose a favourite child (or that's how we feel about it anyway), but it's the fried egg and pancetta breakfast sandwich for sure. The roast beef and pastrami are tied for second.

Of course, it can't be a truly Parisian experience without something sweet – whether you need a last-minute birthday surprise or a Monday morning pick-me-up – the slices of cake are wedges of edible joy. The Pain Au Banane Loaf (a.k.a. banana bread, but French, non?) and the sea salt double chocolate brownie are pretty darn great too. 

French Made: How to get it

French Made is available for delivery on Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes. For pickup and a socially distant patio pastry, you can use Ritual or call ahead.

Food and drinks for two: around $20. 

80 Blue Jays Way, 437-800-5936;