Everyone has their own unique traditions when it comes to celebrating the holidays. Maybe you visit family, go skating with friends, or even watch the same festive movie every year. One thing that often unites festivities, though, is food, which is at the heart of almost every holiday tradition.

From the peanut stew that fills the house with heavenly aromas at Kwanzaa to Grandma's Christmas cookies or latkes topped with sour cream or applesauce, it's food that evokes many of our fondest memories.

Start your own holiday traditions and make gatherings extra special by adding a premium protein like locally produced, Ontario veal to your menu. There’s nothing quite like its unparalleled, tender texture and delicious taste that can’t be duplicated with any other protein. Beyond the sensory delights, it’s a versatile, high-quality protein source with an outstanding nutrition profile.

Ontario veal | Fariha Ekra holding her veal curry and smiling at the camera

For food blogger Fariha Ekra, celebrations with family and friends typically involve familiar dishes from her culture. “On special occasions, especially Eid, we would gather around the table for communal dinners, and one dish that was always on the table was veal curry,” she shares. "The rich and thick tomato-based tender veal gravy was perfect for dunking our flakey parathas. It’s a dish that I’ve learned to make from my mom so I can pass down the memories of rich Bangladeshi cultural cuisine to my own family someday."

Ontario veal | Cindy Chan smiling at the camera

For content creator Cindy Chan, her holiday gatherings aren’t complete without veal hot pot. “Hot pots are very popular for family gatherings and holidays because they bring people together, and there's something for everyone,” she says.

"Ontario veal comes in a wide range of cuts, and thinly sliced veal is perfect for quick cooking in hot pots. Hot pots are a joyous way to eat together." Cindy will be making veal and shiitake meatballs in a tomato hot pot this season.

"Serving meat is a way of honouring guests." — Amina Al-Saigh, Blogger

Blogger Amina Al-Saigh says the holidays are all about cooking delicious and traditional meals with her family. “All of our celebratory meals will always include meat,” she explains. "Meat-based dishes in our culture are something special to be shared with guests. Serving meat is a way of honouring guests as well." This year, she's serving a shawarma spiced veal roast for the holidays.

To make your holiday entertaining special this season, there’s no better option than Ontario veal. To read more about Fariha, Cindy and Amina’s stories and for their recipes, click here.