Give the gift of luxury this holiday with Principle Fine Wines

Bring the most wonderful wines of the year home for the holidays and pair them with innovative stemware so each sip is a celebration. 

The holidays are a little different this year, but that doesn't mean they're less special. It's not just about big parties and festive events, it's about sharing moments — and you know what they say, the most important gift you can give someone is wine, right?

Wine is a sensory experience meant to be savoured and shared. Like the holidays, wine brings people together, even if it's virtual. This season, treat yourself to top luxury wines like the renowned Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, the elegant Le Clos Jordanne Le Grand Clos Chardonnay and the intriguing Ruffino Modus.

Each wine shines in its own unique way, but the one thing they all have in common is quality craftsmanship and exceptional taste for that perfect wine moment. To take the experience even further, we've leveraged the advice of stemware maker Riedel to ensure your vino gets the right vessel.

Riedel uses innovative design to produce stemware that optimize the expression of specific varietals and styles of wine. Riedel has created shapes that enhance a wine's aroma, texture and taste; translating the full experience of the wine to your senses.

Full bodied white wines like the oak-aged Le Clos Chardonnay are better in a Riedel glass with a larger bowl because the wider mouth emphasizes its creamy texture, whereas an elongated bowl allows the tannins in the Robert Mondavi Cab more time to soften before they reach your palate.

These wines are exceptional however you have them, but pairing them with the right Riedel glass is like putting lights on a tree — it's just magic.

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