With grilling season well underway, you might feel a case of barbecue boredom setting in. We wouldn’t blame you. After all, how many bland burgers can you grill before it all starts to blur together? Perhaps it’s time to add a little something new to your barbecue arsenal to kick your grill game up a notch. Produced and packaged in Ontario, Chetty’s is the hot sauce hero that your sizzling steaks deserve.

For over a decade, Chetty’s has been turning up the heat with their Caribbean-style hot sauces. Flavours range from original and garlic to lime, pineapple and mango. Meanwhile the 'Extreme' lineup of sauces take things into high gear with ghost pepper, Carolina reaper and scorpion pepper flavours. If jerk is your jam, they also have an authentic jerk seasoning and rub.

In addition to having a stellar lineup of sauces, Chetty's also offers a custom labelling service. Whether you're celebrating a wedding, a birthday or hosting any event, a custom labelled hot sauce is a memorable party favour to mark your special occasion.

Made in your own backyard with natural ingredients and low sodium, Chetty’s is a healthier hot sauce option that you can feel good about (even if your insides are burning up).

$10-15, chettys.com