Roll up your sleeves and cook at home with some of Toronto's best chefs

We've never felt more akin to Toronto's housebound chefs, who are also finding ways to get creative in their pantry. Here, we share recipes from Lynn Crawford and Suzanne Barr, taken from Savour Ontario's recipe collection, that shares favourite dishes from over 30 Ontario chefs. 

This year, we've been in the kitchen more than ever before (whether we like it or not). As spectators or bakers, we've watched the world go from dough dunces to sourdough savants, weighing, proofing and watching our babies grow. While it's been an emotional rollercoaster (eating our feelings, much?), there's been something strangely comforting in realizing that all of us – including Toronto's best chefs – are in precisely the same boat. 

Savour Ontario, brought to us by Dairy Farmers of Ontario, has created a free recipe collection to share what Ontario's culinary community has been cooking at home. With a roster of chefs that span Toronto, Niagara, Windsor and Prince Edward County, the compilation provides inspiration for home cooks that truly will be savoured for years to come. While there are plenty of new ideas and ways to level up your culinary game, the recipes have been tweaked to ensure that most ingredients can be found in the average pantry. 

To whet your appetite, we're sharing a couple of recipes from two of our favourite female chefs in the city. Lynn Crawford (Ruby Watchco) gives us a rundown on milk bread with honey butter, and Suzanne Barr (True True Diner) shows us how to make buttermilk cheddar chive biscuits, with a stand mixer or by hand. 

From Cory Vitiello's mushroom and Swiss chard salad with Ontario burrata and Mexican street corn from Trevor Lui to Alexandra Feswick's cheddar broccoli soup and Jasmine Baker's mac and cheese, there are enough recipes to last you until next year.

For a full list of food inspiration and participating chefs, Head to Savour Ontario or follow @savourontario on Instagram for free recipes from their roster of talented tastemakers.