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Industry Recovery

In association with

George Brown College

In our new Industry Recovery Series, in association with George Brown College, we talk to hospitality industry experts to find out how they toughed out the pandemic, the challenges they're facing now and how they're rebuilding the industry. These are their stories. 


Watch: How a Toronto restaurateur turned a run-down motel into a dream destination

For our new Industry Recovery episode, we check in to Penny's Motel and find out how John Belknap transformed the dilapidated motel into a boutique getaway.

Watch: How Pizzeria Libretto grew their pizza empire during a pandemic

In our new Industry Recovery Series, we chat to restaurant pros to find out how they're rebuilding the industry post-pandemic. This is Pizzeria Libretto's story.

Toronto's restaurants are making a comeback

Toronto’s restaurant recovery is in full swing, but you may not recognize the reboot. We chat to the owners and workers rebuilding the food scene post-pandemic.