This mouthwatering video series will give you an appetite for Malta

Explore 7,000 years of history by taking a bite out of Malta – a stunning island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with an exciting food scene that should be on the top of your bucket list.

The Mediterranean might be known for its culinary exploits, but between the paellas, pizzas and kebabs, one nation's cooking has largely gone under the radar. Malta has an eclectic style of food – a result of its proximity to the sea and its traditional methods of cooking – that's every bit as unique as that of its neighbours.

There's nothing quite like sinking your teeth into peaches fresh from the tree or tucking into grouper that was caught that morning – something you'll find plenty of on this archipelago located between Sicily and the North African coast. Traditional Maltese food is typically rustic and based on the seasons, meaning that the flavours are left to speak for themselves. But if you can't experience it firsthand just yet, Visit Malta together with Heritage Malta has released Taste History – a series of short videos filmed in landmark locations – to whet your appetite. With historic sites and stunning landscapes for a backdrop, Liam Gauci explores the country's culinary history, one bite at a time. 

From Maltese oranges that fed royalty at the Palace of Versailles to an ancient pasta dish called fdeusca, the series digs through the archives to uncover the gastronomic heritage of the island, recreating authentic recipes to inspire you to start cooking Maltese cuisine at home. Eating lampuki pie (fish pie) and kapunata (Maltese ratatouille) in your living room is not the same experience as a Sunday stroll through the Marsaxlokk fish market a dinner at one of Malta's newly crowned Michelin-starred restaurants. But until we can visit the island's living museum of culture and beauty, we can experience the tastes and smells of this enchanting place. 

Watch all five episodes of Taste History on Visit Malta's Facebook page for vacation inspiration, and make Malta your next port of call.