When you live in a country like Canada where five months of winter give way to a debilitatingly hot and humid summer, it’s easy to assume that the weather is trying to kill us. So just imagine how our plants feel.

To keep them from being encased in ice as frost looms, we shuffle plants indoors for the winter, only to watch as they perish in their new ecosystem. Obviously, we need to be a bit strategic about what we plant indoors.

However, it’s not just succulents and hardier plants that thrive in urban spaces. With a combination of direct sunlight and the right amount of watering, edible plants can prosper within your apartment.

Herbs are a great place to start and will quickly yield usable dinner ingredients. Basil, thyme and sage, as well as salad greens like arugula, parsley and chives are ideal since they spring back quickly after you cut them.

One of the easiest ways to condo-garden is to regrow vegetables like scallions, lettuce or carrots from their discarded ends. Simply put the roots in water, change every day, and watch as your veg replenishes itself.

Do your research – I’ve killed countless plants because I truly believed that if the soil wasn’t dripping wet, my plants must be thirsty. By figuring out how often a plant needs watering, you can make your thumbs a little greener. Appearances are deceiving, so if in doubt, buy a moisture sensor to assess how much liquid is actually getting through.

Take things one step further by investing in a smart garden, which expertly controls how much water, oxygen and nutrients your plants are receiving.

I'm not suggesting that you can grow your entire shopping list, but with a few choice purchases and a little extra thought into repurposing waste, you can enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labour.