Top Six in The 6: Toronto's Best Sunday Roasts

Foodism UK's associate editor and proud Toronto-lover Mike Gibson rounds up the best spots to indulge in the British Sunday tradition

Forget afternoon tea and scotch eggs, it's the Sunday roast that is the most British of British food institutions. As food continues to globalise, we’re not surprised our Torontonian friends are catching on to it. And what's not to love? The melt in your mouth meat, crispy potatoes and greens, all smothered in rich gravy and l laid beside a fluffy Yorkshire pudding. Finish it all off with a pint of lager and bob's your uncle!

Here’s an inside track on where in The 6 to find, if we’re honest, one of the only British food trends worth sharing. East or west? Don't worry we've got you sorted on both fronts. Browse the gallery below for our recommendations.