It can be hard to muster up the strength to leave your home, or the couch, when the temperature drops lower than your motivation to cook. Luckily, there are food delivery apps that add a whole other meaning to comfort food. Here's a list of our favourites. 


With plenty of restaurants to choose from, DoorDash offers pick-up, delivery and group ordering options. Place your order in the app and live-track it from preparation to “dasher” arrival. Ordering food feels even better with DoorDash because they’ve started their own initiative for reducing food waste and tackling hunger in local communities by bringing surplus food to those in need.


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You can't please everyone, especially when it comes to food. Thankfully, Platterz takes all the work out of work meals. This app lets you place catered orders for family-style sharing or group orders where each person can pick their own food. The whole idea is that people can customize individual needs, but eat together – so long, sad desk lunch. There's also a "Snacks" option with choices from hundreds of premium brands and vendors across the city for when that 3 o'clock slump kicks in.

Uber Eats

Seems like a no-brainer to have this app on the list. Uber’s tap into the food delivery market is as big of a game changer as their ride-hailing service. Browse hundreds of delivery or pick-up options from local restaurants any day, any time (no judgement). You can sort your order by price range, types of food, dietary need or most popular – for a preview of what fellow inside-dwellers are munching on.


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Since 2015, foodora has grown to more than 1,500 partner restaurants across Canada. With a focus on sustainability and a commitment to reducing single-use plastic, foodora’s can’t-miss bike couriers bring your favourite meals from a curated list of local hangouts to popular chains. A new “shops” feature lets you order items for yourself from vendors like the LCBO and Reid's Distillery. There’s even options for furry friends with partners like The Dog Bowl on Dundas West.


Boozer operates like any delivery service but instead of dropping food at your door, they bring you booze. Choose from over 20,000 different beer, wine and spirits from the LCBO or local breweries and distilleries. No minimum or maximum order means you can get that extra bottle of wine without leaving the party or stock up without hauling everything home on public transit.


A bit of a twist from the other apps, Ritual focuses on simplifying pick-up orders rather than delivery. This app lets you order and pay for food and drinks from partner restaurants before you even walk through the door. Their “piggyback” option lets you add orders from the same location onto your coworker’s, so you can select and pay for your own lunch while having someone else pick it up. Ritual also minimizes waits by letting you know when to leave for optimal pick-up time.