Top Six in The 6 - Toronto's best spots to hibernate for winter 2015

It's a little late, but don't get it twisted, the cold is coming Toronto! We've rounded up our top six spots in the city to cozy up and escape it


Sure, it's mid December and we're walking around in our fall jackets, basking in the sun and wondering if everything Al Gore was on about is finally coming true - but let's not get ahead of ourselves, Toronto.

Just as certain as we are that the Leafs will inevitably mess up and miss the playoffs yet again, and that you're going to be gifted at least one pair of socks this holiday season, we know for damn sure that these above-average temperatures are going to be here today and gone, well… sometime very soon.

In preparation for this, we've rounded up our favourite spots in the city to escape the cold this winter.

Grab some friends, order a few tipples and start hibernating.

Check out the full gallery below and we'll see you in April.