Getting Real

Yes, those are acrylic paintings, not photographs. Welcome to the hyperrealistic world of Toronto artist Erin Rothstein

Erin Rothstein has been honing her skills in photorealistic painting since she was a child. It’s in her blood: her mother, uncle and grandfather were practitioners of the intricate style.

The Toronto-based artist trained at Dawson College in Quebec, then at Concordia University in Montreal.

Rothstein originally began painting food to break out of a creative slump, and it was exactly what she needed. Food is now the inspiration for most of her work.

“I’ve been a foodie forever,” she says. “Mealtime for me is sacred.”

Her creations typically begin with a trip to the grocery store. Then she’ll take close-up photos of whatever she’s painting and begin creating a likeness on canvas, leaving a bit of room for whimsy and improvisation. Usually it’ll take around 40 hours for a complete painting to come together.

The resulting still lifes imbue a sense of magic and vibrancy into everyday food items that we easily view as mundane, but aren’t.

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