In Good Taste: Tastemaker is back this summer

Tastemaker returns this May, giving you access to food and drink from some of Toronto's best purveyors for a single, all-in price.

As full-blooded foodies, we all look forward to food festival season. But many of Toronto’s festivals are overcomplicated and pricey – you pay a hefty fee to get in, only to be bogged down by a ticket or token system that makes you pay even more once you're inside. Then, to make matters worse, the food offerings are (let’s face it) the same items that you could have bought from the vendor’s restaurant, without paying the steep admission fee.

Tastemaker is less like a festival and more like a party hosted by your favourite food and drink purveyors. Under one roof, some of the city’s best chefs and mixologists will be brought together to cook, create and share – and party with you. More than 30 restaurants, wineries and breweries will be keeping you satiated while a lineup of DJs will be cooking up the best beats. Best of all, you only pay for admission – all of your food, drinks and experiences are included in the price so you can keep the party going.

In the Tastemaker Kitchen, some of Toronto’s best chefs will collaborate in unlikely pairs to create unique menus that you won’t find anywhere else. Some of the chef duos we’re most excited about include Paula Navarrete (Momofuku Kojin) with Anna Chen (Alma); Rob Rossi (Guilietta) with Carl Heinrich (Richmond Station); and Brandon Olsen (La Banane) with Patrick Kriss (Alo).Michael Hunter (Antler) and Rob Bragnolo (Labora) will be grilling a whole roasted wild boar served with rioja potatoes, and a Chinese mashup of a Filipino Kamayan feast will be provided by Nick Lui (DaiLo) and Danny Cancino (Mineral). But the lineup of chef partnerships doesn’t stop there – plenty more of our favourite culinary pros will be blending their styles to create one-of-a-kind dishes.

Caesar the day

The best accompaniment to a Sunday brunch and Canada’s national cocktail, the Caesar is enjoyed from coast to coast.

In anticipation of National Caesar Day on May 17th and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Caesar, Foodism Toronto will be hosting a Caesar-themed party in our lounge at Tastemaker.

Whether you make it with the basics or piled high with accoutrements, every Caesar starts with quality vodka – so of course, we’ve partnered with Smirnoff Vodka to bring you an exceptional Caesar experience. You’ll be able to sample the perfect concoction, served with a wide range of Canadian inspired garnishes. Stick around for some fun with foodism and other surprises.

Tastemaker will take place from Friday May 10 to Sunday May 12 at Evergreen Brick Works. Until the end of April use the code FOODISM to get your all-inclusive tickets starting at $45. For more information and to buy tickets, visit