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Make This: Uncle Smoke's Pulled Pork

Steal the show at BBQ gatherings with this summer-ready pulled pork recipe.



1 (6-8 pound) bone-in pork shoulder (Boston butt) roast
2 cups your favourite BBQ rub
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 1/2 cups of your favourite BBQ sauce
Foil for wrapping
Wood (preferably apple) for smoking


Rub canola oil onto the meat, then heavily season the entire surface area with BBQ rub. Cover or wrap the pork and place in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Light your smoker and bring it up to 250 degrees. Place your pork shoulder on the smoker.

After 1 hour baste the meat with the apple cider vinegar and repeat every hour until the internal temperature reaches 165-170 degrees. Remove the meat from the grill and double wrap in aluminum foil to keep the juices from leaking out. Place back on the grill.

Cook until an internal temperature of 203 degrees (2-3 hours more). Pull the pork shoulder off the grill and open the top of the foil wrap to vent out some of the heat. Let sit for 1-1.5 hours.

Place the shoulder in a bowl or roasting pan and unwrap the foil. Remove the blade bone and pull the pork with your hands or tongs. Season with more of the rub and serve with BBQ sauce.