Give your beer a fruity, summer makeover with Sleeman Clear 2.0

Sleeman Clear 2.0 — one of the first low-cal beers in Canada — is an easy-to-drink lager with all the taste and less of the carbs from this iconic brewer.

Sleeman Clear 2.0 | Friends cheers with beer in the sun

Serves 1

Preparation time 5 minutes

In a world that never seems to stop serving up surprises (and not always the good kind), its nice to know that some rituals stand the test of time — like the sound of a beer cracking open at the end of a long day or the refreshing first sip of an ice cold lager on the first warm weekend of the year.

Sleeman Breweries has been immersed in beer tradition for five generations, with a long line of brewing heritage that dates back to 1834. With more than a century of brewing know-how, Sleeman has evolved, but never lost sight of its original vision: making truly great beer.

In true Sleeman style, Sleeman Clear 2.0 launched in 2003 — a refreshing and flavourful light beer with only 4 per cent alcohol. Ahead of its time by decades, Sleeman recognized the need for a beer with less carbs and cals to support beer drinkers with more active lifestyles. The softly sweet and crisp beer has 80 calories and 2 grams of carbs per 355 ml serving.

Since that time, the low-cal beer category has exploded as more and more beer drinkers look for lighter alternatives with lower alcohol and less carbs. With Sleeman Clear 2.0, you can enjoy endless summer days at the park (and still catch a frisbee) without compromising on the sweet, sweet taste of quality beer. With spring and summer comes new drinking habits — and while we may want to continue sipping lighter beer, it's nice to have some fresh options as we bid adieu to the winter months.

Sleeman Clear 2.0 launch new fruit flavours

Sleeman Clear 2.0 | Sleeman Lime
Sleeman Clear 2.0 | Sleeman Clear Flavour Pack

Sleeman Clear 2.0 just launched their new Flavour Pack, featuring Sleeman Clear 2.0 Lime, Raspberry, Peach and the classic Sleeman Clear 2.0. Chill all 12 cans ahead of time, then work your way through your fave flavours, all the while dreaming of summer days ahead...

Sleeman Clear 2.0 is one of the fastest growing domestic beer brands in Canada. So it stands to reason that in addition to the wildly popular Sleeman Clear 2.0 Peach, the innovative brewer is introducing two new fruity options. Sleeman Clear 2.0 Lime and Raspberry just joined the roster, adding a hint of fruit flavour to the same great thirst-quenching beer.

The soft, citrusy aromas in this crushable beer makes Sleeman Clear 2.0 and its fruity counterparts the perfect partner to a variety of food, tag teaming with everything from fish tacos to buffalo wings and grilled salmon. Sleeman Clear 2.0 is great all year round — either solo or mixed in a cocktail — but our personal preference? Sipping straight from the can at a sunshine soaked cottage, legs dangling over the edge of the dock.

Sleeman Clear 2.0 food pairings

Sleeman Clear. 2.0 Peach margarita recipe

Sleeman Clear 2.0 | Peach beer margarita


  • 3 oz Tequila
  • 3 oz lime juice
  • 1 ½ oz Cointreau
  • 1 oz Agave syrup
  • Sleeman Clear 2.0 Peach
  • 5–8 cilantro leaves
  • Lime
  • Brown sugar
  • Salt


For the salt rim:

  1. Run a lime segment along the rim of the glass (inside and out).
  2. Your sugar to salt ratio should be 2:1. Place salt and sugar on a small plate and spin the rim of your glass around the plate until it is covered in the mixture.

Building the drink:

  1. Flip glass the right way around and fill with ice.
  2. Shake all liquid ingredients (except the beer) for 20 seconds or until your cup has become very cold.
  3. Pour mixture into rimmed glass, leaving some space.
  4. Top with Sleeman Clear 2.0 Peach. Garnish with a cilantro leaf and chili pepper coins.

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