Freeze it for later
Eating the same leftovers for several days after your holiday dinner can get monotonous pretty quickly. Consider packing up the food into air-tight containers and freezing it instead. Thaw out your leftovers in a few weeks when you have a taste for turkey again.

Boil turkey remains into stock
Get more mileage out of your holiday bird by cooking the carcass down to make a stock. Fill a large pot with enough water to cover the bones by a few inches. Bring it to a boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer for a few hours. Pour the finished liquid through a fine-mesh strainer and you’ve got a rich turkey stock base for soups, sauces and risottos.

Make homemade croutons from bread
Whether the bread is a leftover loaf from the table spread or excess from baking the stuffing, you can turn the surplus into homemade croutons. Mix small pieces of bread with olive oil, salt, pepper, pressed garlic and your choice of herbs. Bake until the bread pieces are golden and then add them to your soups and salads.

Turn cranberry sauce into a sweet pie
Most people would agree that cranberry sauce is an essential component of a holiday feast, but the leftover sauce tends to end up in the forgotten condiments corner of the fridge. Try using your remaining cranberry sauce as a pie filling — you can add some sugar if it’s not sweet enough on its own.

Fry up some potato pancakes
The creamy glory of mashed potatoes turns to dry mush when you leave them in the fridge overnight. Turn your day-old mash into a post-holiday breakfast by mixing it with some flour and eggs. Use a cookie dough disher to divide the mixture into patties and then fry them until they’re crispy and brown.

Bake a cottage pie
Cottage pie is said to have been created as a way to use up the leftovers from traditional Sunday roasts, so it's also a no-brainer solution for revamping the holiday-meal surplus. Mix turkey pieces with your remaining gravy, stuffing and veggies. Spread leftover mashed potatoes over the mixture and bake until the filling bubbles and the top starts to brown.