Drink review: Shrub & Co. Summer Expressions

They're not syrups, and they're definitely not plants. Step up your cocktail game with this selection of summer shrubs...

In case you haven't heard, shrubs—also known as fruit vinegars—are the hottest new thing in cocktail making. Well, not exactly new... Shrubs were a big deal as far back as the 17th century, when people had to be creative about preserving fruit. Then as now, the fruity, tart syrups were used as mixers with water or booze. The result? Flavoured drinks with much more complexity than you'd expect from a standard syrup.

This set from Shrub & Co. is ace for stirring up summer cocktails (and mocktails, if you're so inclined) in four seasonal flavours: peach, wildflower honey, spicy ginger and strawberry with Meyer lemon. With barbecue season just around the corner, these pre-made shrubs are a surefire way to step up your hosting game.