Mix things up with this simple swap for the holidays

Kickstart your upcoming New Year’s resolutions with Coca-Cola Stevia – the delicious drink you know and love, minus the calories.

Coca-Cola Stevia

The holiday season is barely underway and already we’re trying to sync up our social engagements – not to mention all the hypothetical calories we’re mentally calculating and planning to shed come January 1.

One way we’re planning on moving away from the usual holiday gluttony and subsequent shred is to not get started in the first place. This December reach for something new like Coca-Cola Stevia, which offers a great-tasting Coca-Cola beverage with zero sugar and zero calories.

What’s particularly alluring about this new drink from Coca-Cola is that it’s sweetened with 100% plant-based stevia extract, a sweetener derived from the leaf of a plant found in Brazil and Paraguay.

You’ll notice that the cans look similar to original Coca-Cola, with just a green band at the top indicating that something is slightly different – but that’s where the changes stop.

Coca-Cola Stevia has the same great taste that you know and love, but with all the benefits from using this sweetener. The drink is refreshing, calorie free and – you’ll be pleased to know – works every bit as well as a mixer.

With many mixologists and retailers turning their gaze towards low sugar offerings, and temperance cocktails, it’s never been easier to cut back on sugar and calories this holiday season. Add Coca-Cola Stevia to cocktails like a Cuba Libre or Long Island Iced Tea – or simply enjoy solo, poured over ice.

Coca-Cola Stevia is available in grocery and convenience stores nationwide, meaning it's never been easier to make the switch to low cal this winter.

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