Power up with Drink Well, a Canadian juice company that's packed with antioxidants and good intentions

Give yourself a boost over the holidays with Drink Well's cold-pressed juices. Their drinks use 100 per cent fresh and real inputs, and less plastic than their rivals.

The festive season isn't exactly known for its restraint and moderation. However, if you prefer not to feel like a ticking timebomb waiting to go off by December 26, we recommend swapping Drink Well into your rotation. The Canadian company makes and distributes a delicious range of cold-pressed juices and drinks filled with fresh fruit and superfoods, making it easier to get some goodness inside you. 

Well is Canada’s only nationally distributed, fully integrated cold-pressed juice and superfood lemonade company, with the goal of making fresh healthy beverages available to the masses. Right now, Well juice is available in Starbucks across Canada and their extensive line of elixirs and cleanses are available from their website, either as a one-time purchase or a subscription to keep your good intentions rolling even on days when willpower is low.  

In addition to being packed with 2.5 times more antioxidants and 16 times more Vitamin C than other competitive juice brands, Well has a philosophy that conscious consumers can get behind. Well owns their own HPP machine, which makes sure that the flavour is locked into their juices and provides the longest shelf life in the industry.

UV light is never used and Well's juice pressings are diverted to Ontario’s largest anaerobic digestion facility which provides enough biogas to power 28 family homes for a year. Plus, Well uses 30 per cent less plastic than other brands and is working towards sourcing 100 per cent local produce in the future.

Try C Well, with carrot, orange, lemon and turmeric juice, to make your skin glow for Santa; slurp back Antiox Elixir to increase your energy levels post-turkey; or crush a Charcoal Infused Lemonade to reduce prosecco hangovers this season. Whatever juice you try, you can feel good from the inside out knowing you're supporting an ethical Canadian company and your health.

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