Enjoy quality through simplicity with Frank Hellwig's Shiraz Grenache

Say g'day to the real Australia with this no-nonsense blend that's as captivating as the land down under itself. 

Frank Hellwig Shiraz Grenache

Australia may be on the other side of the world, but you can bring a piece of the land down under home with you every time you open a bottle of Frank Hellwig's Shiraz Grenache.

This blend is not your average red, it’s as captivating and complex as the continent it hails from. A Shiraz Grenache made from robust and intriguing grapes that thrive under the Australian sun and a no-nonsense wine-making process that let’s the grapes do the talking.

Named after the dedicated Aussie winemaker, Hellwig put in the work, so you can just sit back and pour one out after a long day of Zoom meetings. The luscious fruit, soft ripe tannins and long finish are the wine-equivalent of putting up your feet after a day, you know the one.

The reward: A full-bodied and smooth South Australian vino that’s bursting with flavour – the direct result of an artisanal approach that prides itself on quality through simplicity. Frank Hellwig proves that the wine making process doesn’t have to be complicated to make a complex wine that’s rich in taste, intensity and perfectly balanced.

This wine can thrive on its own or you can kick off the evening by pairing it with a nice cheese and charcuterie board. Who carers if it's a week-night? It's 2020, you deserve it. Or serve this juicy red with an equally juicy steak or grilled meat "on the barbie" (sorry, had to). 

The next time you’re at the LCBO, get acquainted with the real Australia via Frank Hellwig's Shiraz Grenache. Let the cassis and mulberry aromas and subtle oak flavours whisk you away while its solid structure keeps your boots on the ground – just like Frank who spent eight years in Canada and worked in Niagara’s wine country.

Hellwig’s got your back and knows that Canadians are seeking a wine that’s exciting and refreshing without being over-the-top – a fine balance that’s difficult to achieve and even harder to forget once you’ve taken a sip.

Frank Hellwig's Shiraz Grenache ($17.95) is available at the LCBO in Ontario and private retailers in Alberta.