Make any day of the week a good one with this low-alcohol gin cocktail in a can

Good Sunday – a low-booze, low-calorie cocktail-in-a-can, made with real grapefruit juice and Ontario gin – brings all of the taste and none of the regret to summer weekends. 

When it's a good day to have a good day, it seems a shame to waste it feeling hungover. And yet, in these lazy, hazy days of summer when there's (literally) nothing better to do than crack a can in the park, waking up and feeling less than fresh is not a novelty.

Good Sunday has taken a healthy approach to canned cocktails, creating a thirst-quenching summer gin drink that has all the taste – and none of the regret. While other makers have anticipated the need for a sessionable sipper with low alcohol and low sugar, few have truly nailed the great taste to go with it. While we've all sunk boozy sodas and hard seltzers that taste more like melted ice than a cocktail, Good Sunday is big on natural flavours. The gin cocktail is crafted using a squeeze of real grapefruit juice, freshly carbonated water and Ontario-gin for a refreshing tipple you can enjoy all afternoon. 

With founders Christian Karayannides and Dylan Corson behind these chic cans, gin-lovers are in safe hands. The Toronto pals, who have known each other since they were 10 years old, started out making craft cider before trying a disappointing gin and soda that put them on the path to canned cocktail greatness. The pair created Good Sunday, a grapefruit gin soda with only 3 per cent alcohol, 110 calories and 1 gram of sugar per 473ml can – a beautifully simple cocktail designed so they could enjoy their weekend and still have a Good Sunday (geddit?)

For a taste of Toronto – made with real Ontario ingredients by real Ontarians – grab Good Sunday on any day of the week.