Vive la vodka: How to live Victoriously with Grey Goose

Don't wait for a special occasion – you are the celebration. This summer, raise a glass with Grey Goose and check out our hosting guide for tips on how to live Victoriously.


Whether it’s a promotion, an anniversary or a vacation, we’re always saving our celebrations for a big event – but what if you were the special occasion? And what if you decided to celebrate you today?

Grey Goose, like us, believes in living Victoriously – aka treating yourself in both the big and the small moments in life. It might be just a Tuesday, but with the right attitude, it’s a future memory that’s waiting to be made. Treat yourself and guests by transforming summer get togethers from ho-hum to fun with these hosting tips:

Pick a theme

Whether you go full Canuck for Canada Day with a BBQ and plenty of plaid or throw a chic French Riviera party with stripes and nautical hues, having a cohesive concept will separate your party from any old gathering.

Stock the bar

A well-stocked home bar will ensure things run smoothly when you’re hosting. Stock up on ice, and slice lemons and limes ahead of time.

Signature cocktails

While it’s tempting to make a few cocktails, we advise doubling down on one signature drink like the Rosemary Greyhound (recipe below).


Since Grey Goose is distilled in France, the gastronomic capital of the world, it’s a match made in heaven for delicious flavours. Class things up with caviar paired with salty dog cocktails (made with vodka and grapefruit juice), or keep it simple with warmed focaccia bread and vodka sodas.

And that’s not the only way to have fun with Grey Goose this summer – for every bucket list activity, there’s a celebration with your name on it. Whether you're making batch bowls of punch at the cottage, heading on a last minute road trip, patio drinking on Toronto Island, or enjoying Grey Goose cocktails beside Lavelle’s rooftop pool, there are plenty of ways to make the ordinary extraordinary this summer.

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