Squeeze the most out of your day with HEXX's botanical beverages

Don't just hydrate your body, optimize it with HEXX's line of natural, botanically-infused, fruit-forward beverages.

After months of lounging in hibernation mode, we're ready to hit that spring refresh button and make some healthy changes. First stop on the wellness train is changing up the way we drink. We're not talking about going dry — there's a reason it's called happy hour, OK? We're talking about optimizing the way we hydrate our bodies.

Toronto-based beverage brand HEXX is all about squeezing the most out of your day, so you can do that extra lap, go somewhere new and make a splash in the best way. HEXX's line of naturally-flavoured beverages are a healthier alternative to those sugary cans of pop, and, no offence to water, they're way more fun and delicious than your average bottle of H2O.

Inside each recyclable glass bottle of HEXX, you'll find a flavourful bevvy packed with natural energy (goodbye coffee jitters) and antioxidants like Ontario-harvested ginseng that's been aged for five years. This ageing technique provides richer nutrition than younger roots, and ginseng can help lower inflammation and improve cognitive functions like memory.

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HEXX also infuses the adaptogen rhodiola rosea into all four of their refreshing flavours. This superpower plant has been used to fight fatigue and stress and is a saviour for those 3 p.m. slumps. At zero sugar and calories, HEXX gives you all the feel-good stuff. Their unique combo brings together the benefits of botanicals (without the bitterness) and the delightful taste of fresh fruit (without the sugar) all in one bottle.

HEXX doesn't just want you to feel better, they also want our planet healthier and have implemented a recycling program. If you have a total of 12 HEXX bottles, you can arrange for them to be picked up and recycled, and then get $20 off your next purchase of 12 bottles.

From punchy pineapple to sweet strawberry, HEXX's organic flavours will take your tastebuds on a trip. There's nothing like a slice of watermelon to quench your thirst on a hot day and HEXX's Radiance (watermelon) embodies that exact same so-glad-it's-summer feeling. Open up a bottle of Eccentric (orange) and unleash all the freshness and maybe even a fresh new take.

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