High West American craft whisky is now available at

For the first time ever, High West's delicious American craft whiskies are available at — get them before they're gone.

The best things in life are often fleeting — a favourite dish that you enjoy right down to the last bite and immediately miss when it's gone, or a glass of cold whisky, good right down to the last drop. That's why we believe in seizing the day and enjoying things in the moment. So when High West announced that their delicious American craft whiskies would be available in Canada for the very first time, and a very limited time at that, you'd better believe we'd be grabbing a bottle — or three.

Made with the pioneering spirit of Utah and inspired by whisky's role in shaping the United States, High West produces some of the highest rated whiskies in the market. They use blending as a core part of their craft, making flavour-forward whiskies that combine the best characteristics of different blends for a product that's truly unique and innovative.

A wide range of bourbons are carefully curated and blended together to make High West American Prairie Bourbon. Each age of bourbon that goes into the bottle is expressed in a different characteristic, resulting in a whisky that's highly aromatic. You'll get a bouquet of light caramel, vanilla, oak and herbs on the nose, followed by the sweet flavours of apricot, figs, raw honey and freshly-baked biscuits. This is a bold, yet sweet whisky with a long, lingering finish. 

It feels good going down, and feels even better to know that each bottle of High West American Prairie Bourbon sold supports the American Prairie Reserve, a group working to create the largest wildlife reserve in the lower 48 states, connecting and preserving over three million acres of land.

High West Campfire was created with a never-before-seen blend of bourbon, rye and peated scotch. High West was the first distillery in the world to make this innovative combination. The best of whisky all comes together in this bottle, with a deliciously smoky flavour coming from the peated scotch. On the nose, expect hints of caramel, jasmine, sandalwood and the aroma of baking bread. On the palate, honey, vanilla and citrus meet wood smoke and baking spices.

As much thought goes into the bottle as outside the bottle — High West's horseshoe logo, rustic western label and tall bottle all pay homage to Utah's rich history of whisky making.

High West American Prairie Bourbon and High West Campfire are available now for a very limited time at Seize the day and try the spirit of the west before it's gone. 

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