Next time you're at the LCBO, pick up a bottle from Rioja

Spain's finest wine region is closer than you think. Open a bottle of wine from Rioja and discover an unmatched legacy of tradition, passion and taste.

Lately, we could use some added oomph to our days, something different to entice screen-fatigued senses and quench our thirst for new and bold experiences. Some Spanish flair should suffice. In Spain, people know how to live without rushing. They take their time to enjoy and savour life's moments — their amazing vino helps.

The gorgeous northern Spanish wine region of Rioja is home to some of the world's best and most interesting grapes. Spain’s finest wine region has more than 2,000 years of historical winemaking heritage and a pioneering spirit that remains today. It is here in the rolling valleys beneath the Cantabrian Mountains where the heart of wine beats.

Rioja was the first Designation of Origin in Spain, which means that Rioja wines are protected and held to regulations that guarantee products of the highest quality. When you open a bottle of Rioja wine, you are opening up a legacy of tradition and passion. Look for the Rioja’s seal, and you'll know you're in good hands.

Try these awesome wines from Rioja

The depth of Rioja spans hundreds of wineries in different sub-regions and varieties. Tempranillo (red) and viura (white) are the predominant grapes, but Rioja cultivates 12 more stunning grape varieties: Garnacha, mazuelo and graciano to name a few.

From the texturally rich wines made in the small-but-mighty Rioja Alavesa sub-region to the lighter body beauties from the high-altitude Rioja Alta, this diverse wine region is nothing short of spectacular. And we can't forget about the largest sub-region, Rioja Oriental where its dry and hot summers are ideal for the renaissance of the powerful garnacha grape, bringing spice and delight to various blends.

Because of Rioja’s diversity, the region yields wines suited for any occasion and food. We love to pair a bold Rioja Reserva, aged in oak barrels and bottles for 36 months, with grilled or roasted meat dishes. The fruitier Rioja Crianzas are perfect for a variety of tapas-style dishes and snacks. Pour yourself a glass and stay awhile.

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