Super Tuscan wine Ruffino Modus is the elegant red you've been waiting for

Scoring more than 90 points from acclaimed wine critics for over 20 years, Super Tuscan wine Ruffino Modus is a complex sipper, layered with fruit flavours.

In Toronto, even good things often don’t last. As society marches forward, tastes change and things that were once popular are left in the dust. Only the crème de la crème are able to stand the test of time and come out on top year after year.

When we look for wine, it can be tempting to get sucked in by the latest sipper that’s new and trendy – but why choose flashy when you could have a smooth, quality wine that elevates any experience?

Ruffino Modus Super Tuscan wine

For over two decades, Ruffino Modus has continued to score more than 90 points amongst the world’s most esteemed and discerning wine critics – now that’s staying power. Tried, tasted and true, this Super Tuscan wine has found a way to fly under the radar, remaining a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.

As a Super Tuscan wine, Ruffino Modus features a blend of reds made from grapes not native to Tuscany. Carefully tended to at the Poggio Casciano estate in the Chianti Hills, near Florence, only the best fruit is selected during the harvest. Each varietal is aged separately in French oak casks. Finally, after a minimum twelve months of aging, the smoothness of Merlot comes together with the structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and meets the elegance of Sangiovese to create the layered, complex flavour of Ruffino Modus.

Medium bodied and fruit-forward on the palate, this Super Tuscan wine offers a bouquet of ripe black berry fruit with sophisticated floral notes on the nose and a silky mouthfeel. With each sip, the aromas evolve into spicy fragrances of cinnamon and cloves. It’s the perfect accompaniment for juicy grilled meat and elegant al fresco dining.

If you’re looking for a sign to try Ruffino Modus, look no further – on July 11th a new limited release of this decadent Super Tuscan red landed in the Vintages section at LCBO. Cheers to that!