Make great drinks and feel even better with this sustainable vodka

So long sustainability hangover, Vodkow vodka makes reducing food waste the life of the party by taking unused milk sugar from Ontario dairy farms and transforming it into a one-of-a-kind spirit.

We’re a touch off the mark for having a year’s worth of trash fit inside a mason jar (kudos to those people), but thankfully there is another, smoother way to have a more sustainable life, or at least, a more sustainable drink.

The next time you want to up your sustainability street cred at a balcony barbecue or cottage weekend, just bring a bottle of Vodkow – extra points for recycling when it’s empty, or reusing the super cute, lightweight milk bottle (a new vase, perhaps?).

The folks at Vodkow really walk the walk when it comes to an ongoing commitment to Toronto’s sustainability-minded bartender community and food waste reuse initiatives. From their LCBO launch last December where they helped throw the #WasteNotWant anti-waste holiday disco party in support of Second Harvest, Canada’s biggest food rescue charity, at Supernova Ballroom to making hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 outbreak.

After giving away thousands of dollars worth of hand sanitizer bottles to the Ottawa Valley, Vodkow began selling hand sanitizer in the GTA at McEwan Fine Foods, donating half the proceeds to Second Harvest’s food rescue program.

Vodkow gives a whole other meaning to the ‘spirit’ category with its enthusiasm in the pursuit of all things anti-waste. Second Harvest alone has received thousands of rescue meals – 4000 from the #WasteNotWant fundraiser party and over 8500 from the sale of Vodkow hand sanitizer.

Last month, Vodkow teamed up with Supernova Ballroom once again and our very own Foodism team to put together a little mid-quarantine #WasteNotWant cocktail competition. Supernova bartender Kelsey Ramage challenged people to create a sustainable cocktail using Vodkow and ingredients from their home pantry. The winning pantry cocktail is now sold through Dolly Trolley Drinks which delivers high-quality, handmade cocktail mixers from Supernova Ballroom to your door.

Whether you want to mix Vodkow sodas or shake up some sustainability-minded cocktails, Vodkow brings the buzz without the food waste headache. 

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