Thornbury Premium Apple Cider is the drink of the summer

Crisp, dry and refreshing, Thornbury Premium Apple Cider is made from 100 per cent local Ontario apples, for a truly craft, truly Canadian cider unlike any other.

Arguments could be made for or against the other seasons, but nothing beats a Canadian summer. Picnics, patios and, of course, cottage days are all best enjoyed basking in the sun with a cold drink in hand. And what better way to celebrate this most glorious time of year than with a truly Canadian, craft bevvy, at that. Produced locally in Ontario, Thornbury’s lineup of delicious, premium ciders go hand-in-hand with those Canadian summer days you’ve been longing for.

Available at the LCBO

  • Thornbury Premium Apple Cider
  • Cranberry Apple Cider
  • Wild Blueberry Elderflower Apple Cider
  • Honeycrisp Apple Cider
  • Thornbury Craft X The Tragically Hip Road Apples Cider

Crack open a can of Thornbury Premium Apple Cider on a hot day for a crisp, dry and refreshing taste. Made from 100 per cent local Ontario apples, this all-Canadian cider is the summer sipper of our dreams.

A cold filtration process ensures that their cider maintains the maximum amount of juicy apple flavour and aroma. It’s also 100 per cent vegan and gluten-free — talk about a win-win. While some other cideries might rely on concentrate, Thornbury produces their cider with premium, high-quality ingredients and a superb level of craftsmanship that you won’t find anywhere else.

Located in Thornbury, Ontario, in the heart of the province’s apple country, the Thornbury Cider and Brew House is where all the magic happens. Here at this facility, Thornbury conceptualizes and crafts all of their premium ciders. At the helm is master cider maker Doug Johnson, with more than 30 years of experience in apple processing and alcohol fermentation under his belt.

Available online and at the cider house

  • Rosé Apple Cider
  • Blood Orange Apple Cider
  • Raspberry Apple Cider
  • Zero-Gram Sugar Apple Cider

Each of their award-winning ciders is made in small batches with the care and craftsmanship that can only come from decades of experience. It’s no wonder Thornbury has quickly become Ontario’s number one craft cider.

When COVID restrictions lift, the Thornbury Cider and Brew House makes for a perfect day trip — or heck, even make a whole weekend out of it. Check out the cider-making process, then sit back and relax on the patio with a flight of Thornbury ciders. You can even try out their exclusive house ciders and experimental ones too.

In the meantime, Thornbury offers free delivery across Ontario on orders over $50 so you can stock your fridge with these truly local, truly craft ciders all summer long. Cheers to that.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

All of Thornbury’s local, craft ciders are designed and produced at the Thornbury Cider and Brew House, right in the heart of Ontario’s apple country. So the apples never have to travel far before they’re fresh-pressed into cider.

A can of Thornbury Premium Apple Cider

Locals only

Thornbury Premium Apple Cider is only made with 100 per cent Ontario apples for a refreshing, crisp, dry taste that's truly craft and truly Canadian. The local apples are fresh-pressed and cold filtered to maintain the maximum flavour and aroma. Unlike some other cideries, Thornbury always uses fresh apples, never concentrate.

Arts and craftsmanship

Bringing over 30 years of experience in apple processing and alcohol fermentation, master cider maker Doug Johnson oversees the creation and production of Thornbury's award-winning ciders. Each one is made in small batches with a superb level of craftsmanship.

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