Meet VICE Spirits, your new fave summer drink

What if there was a vice that was actually, ya know, good? Introducing VICE Spirits — premium vodka cocktails made for a saucy summer.  

Ever feel like you just keep buying the same drink that everyone else is? Why not try something totally different — a new vice that's actually good. Toronto-based VICE Spirits noticed that the current drink market is flooded with single-note seltzers, so they created something that truly stands out from the rest: guilt-free cocktails in a can made with natural ingredients and a refreshing taste.

No one is single noted, so why should your cocktail be? These ultra premium vodka cocktails are made with the organic, six-times distilled, gluten-free vodka that took home gold in the 2018 World Vodka Awards, so they've got some street cred. And you'll have some too when people catch you swigging them back in the sunshine, especially since they're only 99 calories with 1.5 grams of sugar.

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Who needs the same ol' stuff? VICE Spirits is bursting with fresh takes on familiar flavours you know and love — three awesome flavours at that.

VICE White is a zesty blend of coconut, cucumber, lime and mint. Think a tropical vacation, but one you won't get sunburned on. It's a mojito with a twist that goes great with poolside dips and backyard barbecues.

VICE Black is a delightful blend of watermelon and kiwi that will remind you of those lazy, hazy days of summer even after they've disappeared into the oblivion of a minus 20 polar vortex (help). This dangerous summer fruit duo is tart, tangy and not sickly sweet (goodbye, hangover).

VICE Smash shines with pomegranate, cranberry and ginger. It's a smashing blend that's both crisp and warming, like jumping into a lake that's just the right temperature.

VICE isn't available at the LCBO yet (see, we told you it was cool), so you can buy a case from their website and impress your friends with the next hit drink of the summer. Happy sipping.

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